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AutoCAD Land Desktop 2009 ISO FS Link




The AutoCAD Land Desktop 2009 ISO FS Review Introduction: The AutoCAD Land Desktop is a compact and light-weight CAD application designed for home and small businesses. It features all the leading features of AutoCAD and, since it uses the same 2D and 3D technology, can be used side-by-side with other CAD applications. This allows you to work on projects in two different applications, so you can compare and analyze the same part, or even take a design from one project to another. If you work for a small business that sells a wide range of products, you may benefit from this product, which is very light-weight and offers the ability to create web pages for each product. The AutoCAD Land Desktop is included as part of the following software bundle: As mentioned, the AutoCAD Land Desktop is available in two versions. AutoCAD Land Desktop Home Edition has the basic functionality. This is free and available for download, although the limitations are the same as with the professional version. The AutoCAD Land Desktop Professional Edition comes with all the features of the Home Edition, plus professional features like colouring, an improved 3D view, and so on. This review looks at the AutoCAD Land Desktop Home Edition 2009. However, most of the instructions in this review apply to both the Home and the Professional Edition, although some features may not be available in the Home Edition. This review will first look at the program's interface and then move on to an analysis of the different features. At the end, I will cover how this program compares to other CAD applications. To get the most out of this review, you will need to understand the following terms. 2D and 3D Coordinates - 2D means drawing lines and 2D shapes in a flat picture plane, and 3D means representing 3D objects in 3D space. These coordinate systems are linked. If you move an object in 3D space, then it will also move on the 2D drawing. Conversely, if you move the 2D plane, it will move the 3D object on it. Default Settings and Preferences - The AutoCAD Land Desktop includes two sets of settings called the Default Settings and Preferences, as shown in the image on the right. These are used by the application and can be changed at any time. IMPORTANT NOTE: The Default Settings and Preferences can be changed by



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AutoCAD Land Desktop 2009 ISO FS Link

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